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HCA Healthcare enters into a partnership with Google Cloud

HCA and Google Cloud will co-develop an advanced analytics platform to build a new machine learning model.

HCA Healthcare on Wednesday came up with a news announcement. This announcement is about a new multi-year strategic partnership with Google Cloud. It is focusing on the analytics-driven improvement of processes along with the digital transformation. There are also financial terms of this deal which has not been disclosed.

This partnership between the HCA and cloud giant with its 186 hospitals and 2000 ambulatory sites has bigger aims. It is aiming at building a next-generation operational model which is concerned with improved workflow and actionable insight.

The goal is to build and refine a very new workflow. It can bring about innovation in the clinical decision supporting the improvement of the quality. Also, it will offer safety and efficiency.

Beyond this matter, the partnership is aiming to empower physicians and nurses with more deep insights. It is working through 90000 mobile devices, which are already running the software from the PatientKeeper and Mobile Heartbeat team of HCA. With its analytics and alerts, it can keep up with the changes in the condition of the patient.

Google Cloud and HCA will also look for new data-oriented refinements for the human resources, supply chain, and physical plant. There are also other financial and operational areas, according to them.

Privacy and security will also get the priority, according to the HCA Healthcare officials. The health system is drawing on patient data. Also, it has 32 million annual encounters, which are helping to improve the support for its 14000 physicians and nurses.

The deal will also profit the Google Cloud Healthcare API and BigQuery with its database. Also, it will offer full support for the HL7v2 and FHIRv4 data standards.

HCA is putting its efforts behind its data and analytics efforts. This year it has announced the formation of its new data consortium along with AHRQ. It has enabled the other health systems and the health plans to gain access to the data registry of HCA. It also helped in improving the COVID-19 and the public health research to boost its patient outcomes.