FDA comes up with landmark clearance for AI-driven ICU predictive tool

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FDA comes up with landmark clearance for AI-driven ICU predictive tool

CLEW Medical's ICU tool comes up with the use of machine learning models for identifying the patients who are having the potential to deteriorate.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration came up with the authorization to use the artificial intelligence tool of CLEW Medical. This AI-driven ICU predictive tool is to predict the hemodynamic instability of the adult patients in the ICU, as the company announces.

The Tool CLEWICU makes use of AI-based algorithms along with the machine learning models. It identifies the possibilities of the occurrence of significant clinical events for the patients in ICU.

On this matter, CLEW says that the clearance is the first such kind of device for the FDA. AI comes with the powerful force to change healthcare. It comes with the abilities of the assessment for the time-critical information of the patient. 

Also, it comes with the predictive warning for the deterioration that enables the better informed of clinical decisions. Also, the outcomes in the ICU gets improved along with the device, as Dr. Davis Bates says.

Hemodynamic instability is a very common complication for COVID patients. Thus CLEWICU is predictive along with the capabilities that can become useful for this ongoing pandemic. It is particularly to give the ICU strained resources in the country.

As the company says, the system comes with the notifying facility for the users regarding the clinical deterioration for eight hours in advance. Also, it enables early intervention. The system is also capable of identifying the low risk in the patients who are not going to deteriorate. Hence it enables better ICU resource management along with proper optimization.

This AI-based solution of CLEW is a huge leap forward for ICU patient care. It is capable of providing preemptive and potentially life-saving information, which is great for early intervention. It also reduces the alarm fatigue and significantly enhances the clinical outcome, as Dr. Craig Lilly says.

FDA has granted the emergency use and authorization of CLEWICU in June. The tool was one of the several AI-powered technology innovations that have been developed and modified during the pandemic. CLEW CEO Gal Salomon says the team is proud of this landmark achievement.

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