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Egypt is going to launch digital pathology technology for cancer treatment

Egypt will introduce a new digital pathology treatment that can treat cancer. Egypt’s GAH is working very hard to implement the technology and create the best results.

Egypt Government is planning to put a new milestone in the field of Oncology. It says that Egypt is in the procedure of launching digital pathology technology that will help diagnose various cancers. The General Authority of Healthcare of Egypt will be the first entity to use the said technology.

Ahmed ElSobky is the chairman of the country’s General Authority of Healthcare (GAH). As per the Arabic Daily, Al Masry Al Youm stated, “The technology will be used in order to enhance the accuracy of tumour diagnosis and detection.” They aim to provide integrated healthcare with the best quality standards in the people along with directives of political leadership.

There are lots of advantages of using the digital pathology procedure compared to microscopy alone. The conspicuous features of this technology include improved analysis, enhanced views like live zooming. It also includes extensive views from various angles and accuracy.

The technology also instigates productivity by improvising turnaround times and workflow. This technology can diagnose hundreds of cancer cases alone through the process of scanning conventional glass slides and then digitally joining them into one image.

Many authentic media reports indicated that GAH is eagerly waiting to transform the authority’s most of the health services digitally. ElSobky met with a member of UAE and other global medical companies during the Arab Health 2021 exhibition held in Dubai. In those meetings, he learned about the developments in Artificial Intelligence, medical imaging, health management systems, and telemedicine.

ElSobky has also met with the newly appointed Group CEO of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), Tarek Fathey. He discussed the plans with him that can improve and enhance the digitization of medical institutions. ElSobky said, “We seek to benefit from the latest international medical services and technology, with the intent to apply them across the pathology technology facilities of the GAH.”