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Department of Health at Abu Dhabi resumes its international remote healthcare offering

This platform aims to ensure continuous and better communication between the patients and the doctors as they can receive treatment abroad.

The Department of Health of Abu Dhabi has recently reactivated its international remote healthcare offering. In an announcement, the United Arab Emirates’ official news agency released its focus on this. It concerns about coordinating consultations with the plan for the treatment between the patient and their doctor. Also, it includes consultants based outside of the UAE. It resumed the IPC services to focus on the COVID pandemic.

IPC is now available in the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Tawam Hospital, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, and Burjeel Hospital. The IPC is aiming to ensure continuous and well-optimized communication between the patient and doctors as they receive treatment abroad.

As per the DoH Abu Dhabi, the advantages come with the conducting of the sessions for consultation between the patient and doctors. Both the local and international doctors will be available. There are also scheduling sessions between doctors to share their knowledge with the patients. At the same time, discussing the medical information grading the patient before traveling abroad is also available.

It is hoped that the IPC platform can also reduce the time which it takes to facilitate the facility of treatment abroad. The activation of this IPC remote healthcare platform reflects through their commitment to continue the world-class healthcare to UAE international patients. It is ensuring that they receive the most suitable type of healthcare.

During this extraordinary time, the pandemic is imposing restrictions and challenges; this will help much. Patients are facing difficulties in traveling for treatment. Hence it is deemed necessary to create a platform that can bring the doctors and the international physicians. It serves better for the patients to discuss their medical plans and offers better service.

Besides these huge challenges, the entire world has seen that Abu Dhabi has excellent efficiency in its health care. Hence it is still trying to stay significant with its contribution to health care.