You must be aware that a lot of research is held in the health industry every day and while some of them are not quite useful, others are extremely useful in understanding what is right for us and what is not. Talking about the latest research, this is related to the consumption of Marijuana which is a substance that is still in the weeds in the US. Basically, you might be aware that in some parts of the US, consumption of marijuana is legal whereas it is illegal in other parts and the rest have a grey zone towards it.

Now, marijuana’s consumption being legal or not is one thing but the question is should you consume it or not. Some say that marijuana has a lot of health benefits while others say that it has a lot of disadvantages. A study has now been conducted and its results are yet to be published but it reveals a lot about Marijuana consumption. According to this study, the risk of heart disease or coronary artery disease increases by a third for those who take marijuana daily compared to those who don’t.

Dr. Paranjpe, a resident physician at Stanford University, said “the decision to use cannabis must be carefully weighed against the potential for serious heart disease,”. He added, “A growing body of evidence suggests that cannabis is not entirely without harm and may actually cause cardiovascular disease,”. The study, which aims to enroll 1 million or more people from the US, found that those who used marijuana only once or twice a month did not have any significant risk.

The reason why marijuana is harmful to the heart is explained in the study as explained further. “Marijuana smoke also delivers many of the same substances researchers have found in tobacco smoke — these substances are harmful to the lungs and cardiovascular system”, the study adds. It is worth noting that smoking anything is definitely harmful for your health as compared to those who don’t smoke even if it is a healthy substance therefore we definitely encourage people to avoid smoking as much as possible.