Cyberattack on an eye clinic could exposed personal info of about 500K patients

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Cyberattack on an eye clinic could exposed personal info of about 500K patients

Some hackers may have attacked the computer system of Wolfe Eye Clinic but remained unsuccessful. Their aim was to extract info of 500K patients and demand a handsome ransom.

Recently, a cybersecurity breach has happened at an Iowa group eye clinic that could have revealed the personal details of about 500,000 current and former patients. Back in February, Wolfe Eye Clinic was also on the hitlist of a deliberate cyberattack. The company commented that the complexity and scale of the incident were very high. As a result, they did not realize the full scope of potentially affected data until May 28.

Chief Financial Officer of Wolfe Eye Clinic, Luke Bland, said, “We take our responsibility to protect personal information in our control very seriously and apologize for any concern or inconvenience this may cause.” The clinic runs 11 main branches across the state, along with 9 family vision centers, 1 surgical center, and 25+ outreach locations.

According to the company, on February 8 they found an unauthorized breacher trying to access the company’s computer network. It also blocked access to some systems and information. After catching the threat red-handed, Wolfe Eye Clinic authority rushed for the assistance of IT specialists and forensic investigators to investigate the matter. The hackers demanded a huge ransom from the organization, which was not paid.

The eye clinic began to aware approximately 500K former and current patients about the detestable threat. The company said that some patients might have normal biodata like name, date of birth, email address, etc. But some may also have protected medical and health information. So, they are taking stern measures to prevent similar events from reoccurring by installing additional safeguards and securities.

The news of cyberattack came into action from U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Chris Wray to Senate Appropriators. The aim is to persuade the ransomware attack victims so that they may cooperate with the law. Bland states here, “Unfortunately, these types of cyber incidents have become all-too-common for health care providers of all sizes nationwide.” Biden administration declared that it could have been a military action in response to cyber threats.

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