Retail giant Costco has teamed up with healthcare marketplace Sesame to offer its members access to sought-after weight loss medications and clinical consultation services.

In an announcement, it was revealed that \”Effective immediately, Costco members across the nation can enroll in a comprehensive weight loss program through Sesame, priced at $179 for a three-month package\”. This initiative marks Costco\’s latest endeavor to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to its members, following its successful partnership with Sesame in 2023, which focused on core health services like virtual primary care and mental health therapy.

Through this expanded partnership, Costco members will gain access to a range of weight loss medications manufactured by pharmaceutical giants Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk. These medications include Novo Nordisk\’s Ozempic and Wegovy, as well as Eli Lilly\’s Mounjaro and Zepbound, all of which have witnessed a surge in popularity due to their proven weight loss benefits, endorsed by influential figures online.

David Goldhill, CEO of Sesame, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, \”We are witnessing important innovations in medically-supervised weight loss.\” He emphasized Sesame\’s unique model, which not only makes high-quality specialty care more accessible and affordable but also enables clinicians to tailor care plans to the specific needs of each patient.

The program offers Costco members three months of clinical consultation, during which clinicians will assess individual health profiles and prescribe appropriate medications as part of a personalized weight loss regimen. This holistic approach aims to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking effective weight management solutions.

The timing of this partnership aligns with recent efforts by pharmaceutical companies to facilitate access to weight loss drugs through telehealth services. Eli Lilly, for instance, has launched LillyDirect, a telehealth platform that streamlines the process for patients to obtain in-demand medications, including those for weight loss.

Costco\’s expansion into the weight loss market underscores the company\’s commitment to promoting wellness among its members. By leveraging its vast network and partnering with innovative healthcare platforms like Sesame, Costco aims to make significant strides in addressing the growing public health concern of obesity and related conditions with the help of weight loss drugs.