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Congressional watchdog comes up with issuing of the recommendation of the VA IT system

The agency is attempting to replace its decades-old core with the financial system with an integrated one for years.

The U.S Government Accountability Office has opted for the issuing of a report this week. It is making the recommendations for the ongoing Department of Veterans Affairs. As per the GAO report, the VA is performing for attempting the replacement of its aging finances. 

Also, it is including the acquisitions systems along with an integrated system for this year. As per the latest deployment in November 2020, it is following some of the best VA IT Practices. However, the cost and the schedule estimations are coming with the minimally or partially met criteria.

Following this information technology management for the best practices on the major transformation effort can come. It can help in building a foundation for ensuring the responsibility. Also, it can take part in improving accountability and transparency.

The core financial system of VA is three decades old. It is not at all properly integrating one with the other relevant IT systems. Users have to opt for implementing the complex of the workarounds for using it effectively.

Weaker financial management can make it more difficult for the VA. It can be tough to achieve its mission of serving the veterans of the nation. Also, it is meeting the requirements for more transparent and accurate public reporting for financial information.

The Financial Management Business Transformation program that started in 2016 is going to represent the third attempt of the agency. It is going to come up with the overhaul of the acquisition. Also, it will come with the financial systems which are taking part in the integrated setup.

The first deployment of some of the FMBT capabilities from the past November has taken place. The officials are going to flag the challenges for the funding of the shortfalls. Also, it is going to come up with the electronic health record for the modernizations of the efforts which are facing pitfalls.

Also, the new integrated financial system is going to call for the iFAMS. It will implement for the Veterans Health Administration for the two years of coordination. It is going to implement the new EHR and logistics systems. The GAO report has found something interesting. The FMBT program is opting for generally following up with the IT management with the best practices. 

The various IT modernization for the VA is coming with the subject for scrutiny. It is particularly going after hundreds of patient safety concerns. The agency is currently undertaking a strategic review of the program. This program has a pause to go live until the review is complete.