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Community groups in Canberra received funds for the aged care with digital health apps

A mental health organization also gets the grant for the funds to support the participants for accessing the digital health apps.

The Australian Capital Territory government has awarded a total amount of AU$478000 of funding grant to 37 community groups. It also includes the organizations to foster the complete digital connection and the boost of technology access in Canberra. It will boost the use of digital health apps.

Anglicare Aged Care & Community Services, a Christian nonprofit group, is among the recipients of the inaugural Technology Upgrade Fund of the ACT government. It will use this grant for purchasing the laptops and the iPads for improving the client outreach. It also improves the delivery of the service for a large group of vulnerable people. People who are suffering from mental health problems and disabilities fall under this category.

The nonprofit group of the Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services Australia are also obtaining funds for buying laptops. These funds are also given for buying the audio-visual equipment. At the same time, it also adds up to the digital care support programs for the aged people who belong to diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

This charity organization will be using the government funds for eight Apple iPads and computers. It will support the participants to undertake the telehealth appointments. Also, they can have access to a range of digital and mental health wellness applications.

Here are the other health allied community-based groups who got the approval for the grants: ACT Deafness Resource Centre, Health Care Consumers’ Association ACT, Canberra Blind Society, Print Handicapped Radio of ACT, Companion House Assisting Survivors of Torture and Trauma, Mental Illness Education ACT.

A complete new real-time monitoring system for the prescription is about to appear in the state. This will assist the professionals of healthcare in prescribing and dispensing the monitored medicines to the customers. Last week the Government handed grant funding to the University of Sydney worth AU$3.4 million for the trial of the new model care for the young people.