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CIS launches no-cost ransomware protection service for the U.S. hospitals

The Center for Internet Security services uses the software by cybersecurity vendor Akamai to proactively identify, block and mitigate the threats.

The nonprofit center for internet security this week announced its launch of the no-cost ransomware protection service for the United States’ private hospitals.

Blocking of the malicious domain and the reporting service is already available for the public hospitals, healthcare organizations, and health departments. It is using Enterprise Threat Protector software from Akamai, a cybersecurity vendor, to identify, block and mitigate the probable threats.

According to Ed Mattison, the pandemic made hospitals a major target for cyber threats.

He added that their nonprofit status and focused mission is enabling them to offer this service at no cost. Also, it focuses to serve any hospital or system that can benefit from it.

The no-cost service is already being offered to the various public hospitals and healthcare organizations.

The MS-ISAC gets funding by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Also, it is trying to enhance the overall cybersecurity of the nation’s governments.

As per CIS, more than 1,000 government organizations are successfully using the MDBR services. It blocked more than 748 million requests from various suspicious, malicious domains.

However, CIS and Akamai are now coming with the services for the independent hospitals and other health centers based in the US.

CIS is fully funding for the private hospitals at no cost and with not at all any strings. According to Mattison, this is the right thing, and no one else is doing it at this scale.

According to Mattison, the hospitals and health systems are hit by a large number of ransomware attacks during this COVID-19 related crisis period.

VMware Carbon Black, the cybersecurity software vendor, found that there are at least 239.4 attempts for the cyberattacks. Also, they targeted the healthcare customers in 2020.

Cybersecurity experts are stressing a strong defense through the proper amount of preparation and training the employees.

According to Anthony Chadd, organizations can stop the attempts of such ransomware. It can prevent the proper implementation of multilayered security approaches to prevent future threats.