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ChristianaCare and Highmark are partnering for a tech-focused VBC venture

The 10-year Collaboration as the "radical departure" from the transaction status quo is including the launch of a new company for data-driven approaches and value-based care.

On Wednesday, ChristianaCare and Highmark Health came up with the announcement of a new collaboration for the VBC venture. They are going to boost patient outcomes with healthcare affordability. They are going to remove the excess costs from the care delivery.

The goal of this joint venture is to match the two organizations. It comes with the respective expertise for developing a new model of value-based care. This is also going to work with continuous and data-led technology.

They are calling it a new model for a much radical departure from the transactional fee-for-service model. It is underpinning much of American Health care. The first plank for this new Collaboration is coming with the launch of the Solution Design center. It is also going to build an analytics technology to boost the quality for streamlining the efficiency. Also, it is going to improve the consumer and the experience of the provider.

The other component of this creation comes with the new Center for Virtual Health for developing and deploying new telehealth capabilities. It is going to work for primary and specialty care. According to officials, it is going to improve access and outcomes while reducing the cost of care.

The Solution Design Center goes beyond the leading health care system’s innovation center. It is combining the expertise data from both the side of the provider and from the payer side. This combination is also unlocking a more holistic view which is going to enable us to see the opportunities. Also, the impact is going to help with overcoming the cost.

The two organizations are saying that they are having the commitment for a 10-year collaboration. It needs to be overseen with a board that comprises the leader from both. They are also emphasizing the exclusivity of this agreement.

ChristianaCare and Highmark Health are saying that they are hoping for some of the innovations through this Collaboration. At first, the biggest impact is going to be for the patients of Delaware. Those organizations are going to work together in 2019. It is focusing on the value-based payment agreement for improving the care.