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China’s Ping An Smart City is about to build a health emergency management platform

The Ping An Smart City is a tech firm that will assist the province in creating a public health emergency command system.

The Hubei Province in China has picked up the Ping An Smart City, a technology company of Ping An Group, for assisting in building something new. It is also looking to build its one-stop public health emergency management platform for more innovation in health care.

The company has won the bid for the project of public health emergency command. This project is taking place under the Hubei Provincial Healthcare Big Data Center and the Public Health Emergency Management Platform Construction Project.

With its smart healthcare team, Ping An Smart City is utilizing big data, cloud computing, AI, and other technologies. These technologies take part in transforming and upgrading the urban public health management platforms. It also aids the city managers in tracking the epidemic situations in real-time. Also, it accurately assesses all kinds of trends.

The team is making solutions to improve public health emergency management in three respective areas. It also offers a surveillance system for the risk factors related to public health, which connects to four major channels. The channels include hospitals, emergency centers, disease control centers, and nucleic acid test centers.

It will deliver an AI-driven alert and prediction system for predicting the evolution of public health emergencies. It also includes an AI-based medical system with grid management. This can quickly provide the prevention and the control of all the guidelines for the emerging infectious diseases.

This tech team has developed more than 70 AI disease prediction models. It also includes the 90 smart medical image models with 2000 disease diagnoses and 120 disease treatment models.

The assistance of the Ping An will add smart monitoring, smart prediction, easy decision making, emergency command dispatch, and panoramic display of emergency. Also, it will start a new standard for public health emergency management in the country. It will ease out the insufficient channels to collect the disease report, inadequate data, and the lack of screening tools in the medical institutions.