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Cerner EPR being used by four acute providers in London health and care system

Four London health and care system aims to create on the acute group with Cerner EPR to function parallel as the system’s single commissioning group.

The Hillingdon Hospitals FT and London North West Healthcare recently signed a ten-year pact of £40 million for implementing the Cerner EPR. This got to confirm with a recent statement the North West London Integrated Care System’s draft commissioning strategy. The statement follows four acutes are “working towards one acute group model.”

Both the trusts will also join Chelsa and Westminster FT and Imperial College Healthcare trust to facilitate larger interoperability. They both are, however, already Cerner clients and sharing among themselves. The latest two indulgences are also recruiting various roles to perform on the EPR roll-out.

The motive is to build an acute group model, which will exercise parallel under a single community and mental health unit. The Cerner EPR system will enable 2.5 million patients to register through GPs in North West London. And a single record will get register along with their respective medical histories. Those details will only be available for clinicians. That way, they can view it from any of the hospital websites.       

Albeit the collaboration of the system’s acutes on clinical services aims to support the EPR system’s roll-out. It is the first time that all the providers opt to adopt the same EPR system. And also, never before anyone was able to share the patient’s information to this extent. The EPR also supports the consolidation of IT services, which are across the reach of the integrated care system.

It was in the last month that Cerner achieved ‘first-of-type and Great North Care Record for unscheduled care. That also includes the involvement of ranges of milestones. It allowed 8,000 care professionals to access Cerner’s HIE records.

Cerner’s UK managing director, Distie Profit, on sharing his opinion with Healthcare IT News, said, “The benefits that will come from these four organizations sharing an EHR will put them in an advantages position to enhance the way care is designed and delivered across the region and brings them one step closer to delivering the collective ambitions of the ICS.”