Cardinal Health announces a new platform to improve their drug adherence

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Cardinal Health announces a new platform to improve their drug adherence

The software Outcomes include medication therapy management, pharmacy telehealth tools, and digital patient engagement.

Cardinal Health came up with the announcement this week that it came up with the launch of a new platform. It is aiming to address a medication that is adhering to the challenges. The platform, Outcomes, is combining several existing businesses to deliver tools for medication for drug adherence. It is also offering therapy management with telepharmacy and digital patient engagement.

Outcomes are the latest example of how they are developing and making investments for technology solutions. Also, they are using actionable data tools to enable more cost-effective and meaningful connections in healthcare.

Medication nonadherence is presenting a much significant issue for the health industry patients. Each year the medication and the nonadherence costs from the US healthcare system are $528 billion. It contributes to approximately 275000 avoidable patient deaths.

The reason behind this problem can be various. The strategy of addressing needs to be multifaceted. According to the website, Outcomes is offering a huge array of services. The services are aiming at pharmacists, payers, and pharma companies. It is bringing together the three different companies- Telepharm, mscripts, and OutcomesMTM.

OutcomesMTM is connecting with the members along with the pharmacists to improve the care. mscripts is allowing the patients to refill the prescriptions along with their pharmacies and send them the reminders with the preferred digital avenues.

On the other hand, Telepharm is enabling remote counseling and the verification of prescriptions. Along with this unified platform, the company is saying that pharmacies can connect with clinical services. Also, it is facilitating patient engagement, which is billing for a more streamlined workflow.

Outcomes also recently added MyScheduling, which is enabling the patients to schedule and change the appointments. It also includes the COVID-19 vaccine at the local pharmacy. It can significantly reduce the administrative tasks for the pharmacies.

Several health systems are turning to technology to improve medication adherence. It is now employing a wide variety of tactics.

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