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Cardiac Patients in Tasmania can now seek digital rehabilitation

With the help of an app, Tasmania's heart patients are now going to be able to virtually rehabilitate from the cardiac episodes.

Digital health group Cardihub opted for partnering with the health department of Tasmania and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The latter one works as an aeromedical organization for rolling out its Cardihub app in the public hospitals of the state. 

The app is going to enable patients in Tasmania with heart disease to undergo digital rehabilitation programs. Also, it is going to opt for receiving medical advice at home through its weekly phone calls and video consultations.

Usually, Cardiac disease is the leading cause of death in Tasmania. The fatality of the disease is also going higher with its rate. It is having a national average of 9.8 deaths per 100000 people. 

According to a study of RFDS research, Australians who are living in rural areas are1.6 times more prone to get hospitalized for their coronary heart disease. Also, they are 1.3 times more likely to die due to heart disease compared to their other counterparts, who are residing in Urban developments.

RFDS also came up with another statement. It stated that four out of five deaths are resulting from premature cardiac diseases. It can be prevented in case there are cardiac rehabilitation services available for them in rural areas.

COVID-19 has helped in accelerating how healthcare organizations are leveraging virtual care to keep all people safe during this pandemic. 

Increasing the healthcare providers are also coming up with various innovative solutions to care for the patients in the rural areas. This is especially applicable for those who may not be able to access health services easily.

For example, in the United States, Abbott has updated its app-based neuromodulation platform along with remote programming. It is going to enable its in-app live video conversations with chronic pain and movement disorder patients. Also, it is now prescribing new settings for their neuromodulation therapies in a rapid way.