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BlueCity gets the license for launching internet hospital in China for men’s health

The company says this will be operating as the first men's health-focused internet hospital in China.

New York-listed BlueCity, which is the developer of the Chinese LGBTQ+dating app Blued, has come up with new news. It has obtained a license for launching an internet hospital in China. It is focusing on the healthcare of men.

He Health, the healthcare platform of the company for men, started with the promotion of men’s health. Also, it was coming with HIV prevention awareness in 2019. From then, it has expanded with its services to the field of the daily wellness of men.

In terms of health access, the company is noting in a statement that Chinese men usually face issues of insufficient privacy. There is no protection, along with limited purchasing channels for drugs. Also, there is limited awareness about sexual health.

He Health is saying that it is intending to resolve these issues with the integrating of internet hospitals. Also, they are looking for offline chain pharmacies with drug batches. Also, it is looking for the health management platform’s improvement. It is coming with the focus on HIV testing and prevention along with chronic disease management with healthcare.

With the license, He Health also mentioned that it would bring in the more renowned doctors from various relevant fields on this platform. It is going to help in interacting with the clients despite relying on the host of third parties.

According to the medical research journal, the internet hospital is acting as an internet hospital platform. It combines online and offline access for medical institutions. It is providing a variety of telehealth services directly for the patients. China’s first internet hospital opened in Guangdong province in 2014. Five years later, the number of registered internet hospitals in the country has risen to the number of 130.

In August 2019, Ping An Good Doctor, a healthcare ecosystem platform, came up with the launch of its Private Doctor service. It followed the internet hospital model. It establishes partnerships with 29 hospitals for offering the services.