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Blessing Health System is administering its school-based telehealth program

The blessing health system is taking care of the school students to make them have easy education with their telehealth program.

The rural communities are trying to maintain access to quality healthcare. The providers are also thinking outside of the box to ensure that the patients are receiving the proper care they deserve. The Bureau of Health Workforce Health Resources and Service Administration has found that 62.93% of shortage areas for primary healthcare are rural ones.

It is leaving the patients and the local healthcare providers searching for many new solutions to fill all the gaps. However, to fight all these challenges in the rural Illinois and Missouri communities, Blessing Health System is initiating its telehealth program. It is coming up with the first-ever school-based telehealth program in this region.

This school-based telehealth is not only good for the students but also it is beneficial for the educators, guardians, and parents. Students can be seen with a practitioner for the non-emergent requirements, which normally send a student home. It forces them to miss a student and get the chance to learn more.

Thus the parents and the guardians are appreciating the thorough care which is coming through the technology. The providers are already easy with the children. Educators also want the children to stay in the school. This facility allows that.

In the event when a student is receiving the behavioral health services in this program, they can rotate the appointments during their suitable time. Also, they will get the facility while maintaining the proper privacy. Prescriptions and follow-ups are getting done through the practitioners’ offices. They are communicating directly with the guardian or the parents.

The most common use cares are the concerns related to behavioral health counseling, earaches, sore throats, etc. There are so many things that they encourage with the program to treat the illness and symptoms. 

There are many tools with their equipment that offer a great test. During the pandemic, the Blessing health system noticed the struggles of the students. This telehealth program is allowing the students to stay in school as much as possible.