If you have been in the news lately, you must be aware that the telemedicine boom in the health industry has really taken everyone out of surprise and this has caused a lot of positive and negative developments as well. The positives are that people can now get medicines prescribed online which means they don’t need to go out of their houses to just get a medicine prescribed for their needs. However, this is a negative as well because if people can get their medicines so easily then it could not only lead to shortages in the market but even adverse health effects as well.

Talking about the same, we now have a confirmed report suggesting that the Biden Administration in the US is taking this telemedicine boom after the pandemic seriously. It is worth noting that they are not against the telemedicine practice but they want to restrict what drugs can be prescribed online. For this reason, Biden has proposed to ban certain drugs from being prescribed online by telemedicine practitioners. According to the report, the drugs that can be banned under this proposal will include the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug Adderall and highly addictive opioids such as oxycodone.

If the patients want these drugs to be prescribed to them, they will have to make at least one visit to their nearest health clinic so that the doctor can examine the patient and their eligibility to take these drugs and then decide on prescribing it or not. This proposal is also being introduced so as to curb the dangerous opioid epidemic in the US which has caused a lot of trouble for everyone in the country, directly or indirectly.

Under this proposal, which is currently under a 30-day public comment period by the D.E.A, will restrict drugs like Adderall and OxyCotin to be prescribed by telemedicine and require a physical visit to clinics whereas drugs like buprenorphine or nonnarcotic drugs like Ambien, Valium, Xanax and ketamine can be prescribed online but only for a month long dose after which it would require a physical visit for added dosage.