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Banyan Health Systems comes with telehealth kits for those who need

Kits for the low-income and undeserving populations contain the web-enabled tablet, blood pressure monitor and weight scale, thermometer, and 200 evidence-based healthcare ways.

Banyan Health Systems, within the two weeks of the first COVID pandemic lockdown, transitioned towards the telehealth service. Banyan Health System is a Miami, Florida based health care institution.

Before the pandemic, the health system only made use of telehealth for internal purposes. It used to provide the practitioner consults of the residential facilities along with the outpatient centers. 

After the evaluation, Banyan opted for expanding the telehealth kits service through many programs and services using DoxyMe telehealth platform. It also opted for a vendor to make the patient’s deployment much easier.

Banyan made its transition to the full scale of telehealth for both primary and behavioral health care. It also includes the offering of the virtual visit for the case management along with the peer services. This helps the patients to continue with the full spectrum of the continuum care without missing anything, as Jeffrey T. King, COO of Banyan Health System, says.

The usage of telehealth has improved much with the overall engagement. The team was quite immediate in identifying the major issues. Though many of the patients have mobile devices, many are not that smart with devices, while others lack video abilities.

Many of the low-income patients do not have the facilities for high-speed internet or WiFi or unlimited data for using the virtual care visits.

However, along with the DoxyMe telehealth platform, patients with a minimal amount of equipment and internet service people cannot connect for virtual visits. This is why they partnered along with Vivify Health to offer Banyan Virtual Health Telehealth for remote patient monitoring.

Banyan came up with the telehealth solution along with the equipment and services to the individuals to break the barriers of the telehealth facilities. With the offering of equipment like biometric peripherals, web-enabled tablets, the telehealth unit is overcoming the challenges.

In mid-2020, The FCC’s telehealth funding program awarded Banyan with $958270 to serve 24 underserved areas in the Miami Dade and Broward counties.using