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Australia permits for longer telephone consults in its COVID-19 hotspots

This move will enable the citizens to continue seeing their clinicians and will help them to renew their prescriptions. Also, it will help them to seek mental health support while staying at home.

The Australian government has allowed for the variability of the two of its new sub dissed telephone consultation services. It will be applicable for the patients who are living in the COVID -19 hotspots. Health Minister Greg Hunt said that these new Medicare items would enable the doctors to provide the 20 minutes or more of the telephone consultations.

This move is coming as a response to the growing cases of the coronavirus in New South Wales and Sydney. The extended lockdown will end in July. More than 900 people have gotten the infection since the new outbreak that was announced in mid-June.

This latest COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney has been demonstrated with consultations with the GPs via the telephone. It remains much critical for the patient’s safety and cases during the time of lockdown.

Many of the patients prefer using the telephone, and it helps to ensure the people get access without video conferencing. They can get access to health care without any kind of access to essential medical services.

Moreover, this subdued service is also having an extension to the patients in the other locations. These will help those who require isolation for the COVID -19 related issues.

Hunt also said that the items are exempt from the normal telehealth requirements, which the parties have received through in-person consultation. Medicare, Australia’s universal health insurance scheme, will offer the patients a A$75.75 rebate on the GP services.

The government is extending its provision of telehealth services. It has allotted A$114 million for the funding of the program.

Last November, the government came up with the announcement that telehealth will be a permanent addition. The current surveys show that people in Sydney prefer telehealth more. Most of them, or 79%, have accessed telemedicine using their phone. The pandemic is still not over, and AMA is warning about the outbreak of the virus around the country. This decision of the Federal Government at this time will support the improved patient access to telephone consultations.