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Australia invests in seven research projects to improve primary care

Among these projects, there is a platform that utilizes the data for tracking the state of the residential and aged care services in the country.

The Australian government has already set aside its combined investment worth AU$12.9 million. This is for seven research projects which will improve the primary care system in this country. The 2020 Primary Healthcare Research Data Infrastructure grants support to the project for the improvement.

These improvements will have benefits in the residential aged care, urban, and rural government practitioner-led practices. The Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organizations and the other health professionals will also get the benefit.

Among the seven of the projects, the South Australian Health Medical Research Institute will receive AU$2 million for the Registry of Senior Australians project.

As per the statement of Health Minister Greg Hunt, SAHMRI wants to expand its registry. It wants to understand more about the emerging issues. Also, it wants to continue its research to improve the residential aged care effects.

It will now use the data on rehabilitation, immunization, and social welfare. However, it will help in further research for embedding the ROSA as the only national data solution. It will help in changing the residential aged care. The model of the ROSA collates the diverse range of data from the various organizations across Australia. It is aiming to form a complete picture of the aging pathway.

The Monash University is also receiving AU$2 million for its coming digital health solution. It will help them to collect the critical information during the transfer of the people who are living in the residential aged care.

The project is also aiming to transform the primary care data for the aged residents in a much simpler way. The end-users will be able to understand the data easily. The University of Adelaide will also get the AU$2million for the Imagendo project. It will benefit women and girls with endometriosis.

Other institutions like The University of Queensland, the University of Melbourne, Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services, and the Menzies School of Health Research will also receive the grants.