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athenaTelehealth boosts its hospital’s patient and provider satisfaction

The Gerald Champion RMC is integrated with EHR. It is easier for the patients, seniors and technophobes.

In 2019, The Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo, New Mexico, started with a new telehealth option. athenaTelehealth provides the patients on-demand virtual care with its focus on the urgent care types.

In 2020, when the pandemic took place and changed the medical workflow, the facility required a quick and easy telehealth solution. It is allowing the staff to continue to see the established patients during the lockdown.

As athenahealth launched its telehealth, it had the goal to deliver an initiative for the HIPAA complaint care experience for both the providers and patients. Before the implementation of the new platform, the Gerald Championship staff were very excited about the features. It also offers easy access to telehealth.

Patients can access telehealth with any of the devices which have a web browser. This ease of use is one of the main elements for the solution for its staff members. It is also offering support to focus on the patients. The system is allowing for simultaneous call and documentation capabilities. It is allowing the providers to get more engaged with the patients.

The ability to host multiple people in the same visit allows the caregivers and the team members to join the telehealth visit.

There are many vendors in the marketplace of telemedicine and services for health IT. The team is much tension-free as they are having access to the product, which was in the HIPAA-compliant environment. It is secure for the patients, which has been an incredible challenge for them.

The system their team uses is very reliable. Their providers were a bit reticent at the beginning. Due to this platform’s ease, the adoption has become much faster after the onboarding process. They’ve found the system a unique opportunity for connecting with each of the patients directly from the EHR.

Gerald Champion has been able to increase their telehealth utilization from its 0-80% of visits. According to them, the providers feel that telehealth is more efficient. Even with the intake, their workflow is including the medical assistant that is very efficient. They have got great feedback from their patient population. Hence they will continue to use it.