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AstraZeneca collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital to study asthma, heart failure

AstraZeneca decides to collaborate with Massachusetts General Hospital in accordance to build and clinically validate patient-oriented digital health solutions.

AstraZeneca, a biotechnology company, made an announcement on Tuesday about its collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital. The motive behind this partnership is to study asthma and heart failure management. The company announces that the collaboration will use AstraZeneca’s brand new AMAZE disease management platform for the study.

As per AstraZeneca, remote monitoring uses AMAZE disease management platform to determine at-risk patients. It also delivers in-depth facts to the clinical care team at the care point. A recent heart failure study released on says patients can enter their personal information using the AMAZE app. 

It then passed on to a clinical-facing dashboard lodged within their digital health record. After getting admitted as an inpatient heart failure at Massachusetts General Hospital, patients will then get enrolled in the study.

President of the BioPharmaceuticals Business Unit at AstraZeneca, Rudd Dobber, says, “We believe the AMAZE disease management platform has the potential to transform the current healthcare delivery paradigm for patients around the world living with chronic diseases.” 

After getting the conclusion of asthma and heart failure pilots in hand, the AstraZeneca and Massachusetts General Hospital plan to flourish the use of AMAZE among several chronic disease areas. So that it can reach more patients beyond and throughout the Mass General Brigham System.

President of Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Peter L. Slavin, says, “While there is no precedent for this type of deep relationship, we hope this alliance will serve as a model for future collaboration between pharma and healthcare providers.”

AstraZeneca’s AMAZE platform is currently making hype in the headline for its COVID-19. Not only that but, through its patient engagement tools, it has also been successfully locating people with chronic disease needs. 

Both the AstraZeneca and Massachusetts General Hospital believes this initiative will successfully manage patients’ chronic condition virtually. And open many such ways of advanced treatment in the future.