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Arizona Passes for the expansion of telehealth access

The omnibus legislation packages are aiming at facilitating virtual care in the state.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey this week signed a law aiming at the expansion of access to telehealth in the state. This omnibus law is aiming at the making of the services provided to the Arizonas through the executive orders of Ducey.

Telehealth is expanding its access to medical services for the low incoming families and the rural people. It also protects the vulnerable populations, and it is allowing the snowbirds to visit their state for the care to access the expansion of telehealth.

Patients and medical professionals properly know what is best for their needs. Hence they are working to make sure that they are having access to all those services. These new law packages together come as several policies. It is aiming at the facilitation of virtual care in this state.

The legislation is allowing out-of-state professionals to offer telemedicine in Arizona under certain conditions. It also ensures that the payment parity coverage would be for the audio-visual telemedicine services. It is also prohibiting the healthcare boards from enforcing rules requiring the patients to visit in person before the prescribing of most medicines.

At the same time, it also permits telehealth medical exams in the worker’s compensation space with the consent of all parties. Local telehealth experts are saying that the legislation can be a game-changer.

The disparities in healthcare are a bigger issue in Arizona. There are at least 22 tribal nations in Arizona. Many of those are located in rural areas. These are also having significant disparities in the healthcare system and internet access.

They are having an estimation of 900000 snowbirds who winder in Arizona. Many of those lose contact with the doctors when they go back home. There are also high hopes in the potential of virtual care to provide an on-ramp to the more adoption of AI and Machine Learning. What is more noteworthy is the telemedicine and telehealth offer the gateway for the board implementation of AI in every facet.

To expand telehealth access, Federal legislation has reintroduced several states, which are within their hand. All of them are moving towards making virtual care more accessible.