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Amazon soon going to launch Amazon Care services in all 50 states, according to reports

According to sources, Amazon is planning to make the app-based Amazon Care services available for employees in the country.

Amazon Care, the Amazon app-based healthcare service for employees, is soon going to come. Although it is only available for the Washington-based employees of tech giants, Amazon is gearing up to offer it the service to the other workers.

It is going to invite the employers to use this service. Currently, the Amazon Care app is connecting to provide care to Washington-based employees. Those who are from the greater Seattle area can have the nurse dispatched to their location for regular treatment.

As a part of this reported expansion, Amazon care services is planning to provide telehealth to its employees in 50 states. It is probably going to announce that it is working with one or two more companies to provide the service of Amazon Care. However, it is not clear whether the home services are going to become a part of this package or not.

This is not the only foray into the healthcare delivery of Amazon, which is rolling out recently. Crossover health came up with the announcement that it is going to collaborate with the company to serve Amazon employees and their families.

This initiative is also including the launch of 17 health centers to provide care in-person. It is also not clear if it is going to overlap with any Amazon care expansions or not.

There are rumors around this expansion of Amazon Care which has been flown for months. The STAT reports that Care Medical, which is contracting with Amazon Care, is going to provide such services. It has filed for doing business in more than a dozens of other states.

Amazon is remaining silent when it comes to responding to these dispatches. However, it is very likely going to contend with its changing regulations about licensing and telehealth. This company is also highly publicized with the Haven initiative.

In the past three years, Haven has explored a myriad of healthcare solutions. Also, it is piloting with new ways to make primary care much easier to access.