Amazon confirms the nationwide expansion of the Amazon Care app-based services for telehealth

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Amazon confirms the nationwide expansion of the Amazon Care app-based services for telehealth

Amazon Care services are announcing its expansion of telehealth service to other employees, which has only been available for the Washington state employees until now.

After months of rumor Amazon finally came up with its confirmation on Wednesday. Amazon is going to expand the Amazon Care app-based services for their employees and to the other companies in the USA.

The announcement also said that Amazon Care is going to be available this week to serve other Washington-based companies. Finally, the in-person service of Amazon Care will expand to Washington, Baltimore, and other cities in the upcoming months.

With the supply of Amazon Care as a workplace benefit, employers are making investments in health and in their well-being.

Up to now, Amazon Care app-based services have only been available for the giant tech employees in Washington state. Also, those from the Seattle area also have access to home care for their follow-up needs.

But the rumors of potential expansion have always been there for months. According to recent reports, the medical provider of the app is filling to do business in few other states. 

The announcement on Wednesday appears to be the confirmation of those reports. Amazon says that Washington-based companies can potentially use these services for their own employees.

Amazon Care is also going to expand its virtual care to other companies and Amazon employees in all 50 states. Also, Amazon care is getting instant access to a large range of urgent and primary care services for COVID-19, vaccinations, flu testing, etc.

It is not yet clear how Amazon Care is going to work with health insurance if it provides care in companies. Currently, the services are not coming with billing to health insurance. At this stage, the costs for video care, chat care, and mobile care services are subsiding for employees.

With the announcement, Amazon is going to join many other telehealth apps for the position on the national stage. But the offering of telehealth services in various states is more likely to have to contend with the virtual care regulation during the pandemic.

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