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ADHA awards contract for developing the Health Information Gateway of Australia

The Gateway represents the first phase for the modernization of the national digital infrastructure of Australia.

The Australian Digital Health Agency has picked the Sydney-based business consulting firm Deloitte for building its Health Information Gateway. It took place after a very comparative process.

According to the ADHA, this single Gateway will offer a very secure and scalable platform to exchange and access health information. It includes the vaccination records along with the data for aged care. Also, it is completely orienting on the modern web services and the standards for the health information exchange such as FHIR.

It will enable this agency to deploy and manage the additional health information and the health data exchanges. At the same time, it will support the integration of health data from various sources into one system.

In a media release, the ADHA said that this Gateway would reduce the costs and the complexities in the technical areas. It will make the operation easier for the healthcare providers. It works with the features of the reusable interfaces for the developers. Also, it facilitates fewer connections between the providers and the My Health Record and other services.

It has been oriented around the FHIR. This Gateway will be able to interoperate with the other HIE technologies from the software in the medical industry. It will also support a range of mechanisms with government authentication, which will allow seamless information sharing.

All the health professionals will get the benefit from this new Gateway as it will enable access to more patient information when it is important.

Building this new HIE platform comes to be the first phase of this program. ADHA has also commenced a more tender process for replacing the gateway services for the digital health infrastructure in the country.

It is aiming to deliver a secure and more sustainable digital infrastructure with a better ability to innovate and expand its capabilities. Also, it ensures the digital health needs of all users. It will progress to a modern and future-proof digital platform. It ensures the benefits of the digital health technologies and services which are getting support from the national infrastructure. However, this will lead to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of all Australians.