We are sure that you must have come across many studies related to artificial intelligence and comparing it to doctors. It is also worth noting that many of these studies would conclude that doctors are better at diagnosing the patients’ disease compared to artificial intelligence and there are some aspect where humans are just way more intelligent compared to machines. However, we have a new study in a very important sector which can be a breakthrough for AI. This study is related to the early detection of breast cancer among women and it suggests that AI might be better at detecting it compared to doctors.

One of the most early adopters of the AI technology for detecting breast cancers is Hungary which is known to have deployed this technology in at least 5 of its hospitals and a new report says that they have found quite a good amount of success in the detection of breast cancer as well. This success rate has even inspired other parts of Europe to adopt this technology in their own systems and run a few experiments. The best part about this report is that the AI systems were able to read the mammography reports of patients at par or even better compared to radiologists which is definitely an encouraging sign for the system.

While the report does not tell you to replace the radiologist and just take the opinion of whatever the AI says, it tells us that AI can be introduced inside the system so that the workload on radiologists can be reduced and they can give you a second opinion easily. One doctor said that “AI systems could help prevent human error caused by fatigue, as human radiologists could miss life-threatening cancer in a scan while working long shifts”.

The co-founder of the company that develops this AI himself said that “An AI-plus-doctor should replace doctor alone, but an AI should not replace the doctor,”. This does not mean he is not confident about his system but rather the fact that right now, the AI can’t be relied totally upon while taking health decisions.