Mirth Connect Conference - June 2023


Mirth Connect Conference - June 2023
The Mirth Connect Conference is the perfect place for you to learn more about this powerful healthcare integration platform. You’ll be able to share your own experiences and learn from others who are using Mirth Connect in innovative ways.

For Whom?

June 22, 2023

5 PM EST – 08 PM EST

Online – Multiple Zoom Rooms

This Mirth Connect Conference is the right place for people who want to participate in this event as a speaker and want to provide valuable input to other mirth members.

What can you propose?

This is a community driven event organized by Mirth Community.
We can do the the following:
Mirth Connect Conference - June 2023

Propose a hackathon

Propose to build something around Mirth and let others join you in the team

Talks and Case Studies

Showcase & Train others on Mirth Connect. 20 minutes talk (maximum 10 slides), 5 Minute Q&A
Mirth Connect Conference - June 2023
Mirth Connect Conference - June 2023

Mirth Panel Discussion

The magic of sharing! Code of Conduct

Share: The intent is to share knowledge/ write code / build something

No commercialization - No self promotion or company promotion

Privacy: Please don’t send any solicitation emails to the participants

Mirth Connect Conference - June 2023

What Happens at Mirth Conference? This story will outline it all!

Mirth Connect Conference - June 2023

Sasha is a healthcare IT professional who had been using Mirth Connect for years. She was always looking for new ways to get the most out of the platform and saw attending the Mirth Connect Conference as an excellent opportunity to learn from other experts in her field. When she arrived, she quickly realized that this wasn’t her average conference. There were no theoretical classes or boring presentations, just hackers, tinkerers, and innovators sharing their ideas and experiences with each other.

Sasha immediately felt energized by all of the creativity in the room and joined several groups working on plugin development projects. Over the course of the Conference, Sasha learned more than she could have imagined about Mirth Connect – from how to create custom connectors to scalability techniques that would improve her existing solutions. But perhaps even more valuable than these technical lessons were all the connections she made with other healthcare professionals at the conference.

Together they brainstormed novel applications for Mirth Connect and formed relationships that would help them collaborate on future projects down the line. By attending this event, Sasha found not only an opportunity to expand her skillset but also build meaningful relationships with people in her industry who shared similar interests and passions as herself. It truly was an invaluable experience – one which Sasha will never forget!

What is a Conference?

A conference is a meeting of two or more experts to discuss and exchange opinions or new information about a particular topic.

Conferences can be used as a form of group decision-making, although discussions, not always decisions, are the main purpose of conferences.

– Wikipedia

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