ShareWell wants to provide Mental Health Support via support groups

We all know the importance of health today, and after going through one of the worst pandemics of this century, the importance is felt much more than before. However, health is not a general term because there are various categories of health, such as physical health, mental health, and more. Physical health is something that we can see and also work on it via exercise or conditioning. However, Mental Health is not taken seriously even though we now have a lot of awareness about it, and so little is being done to change that across the world.

Talking about Mental Health, we can’t see it or come to know if someone is going through a rough patch mentally or not. Also, people suffering from bad mental health will not openly speak about it due to the fear of being judged even by their close friends and family members. CeCe Cheng, the CEO of ShareWell, has a highly similar story about what she went through in the last few years mentally, which led to her founding this company.

ShareWell is a platform where mental health patients can talk to each other and offer each other support while sharing what they are going through. They know that the other person will also understand because they might have gone through the same situation already. Cheng said that “During the pandemic, I was in what I would call an emotionally abusive relationship. I had a therapist I was working with, and she was accommodating, but I didn’t want to talk to my friends about it when I was going through it. I felt a lot of shame; sometimes, even the best-meaning friends couldn’t understand what I was going through.”

She adds that while going through this phase, she looked up support groups and links to seek remedy from this and found little to nothing and felt that this was “shocking”. She then took matters into her own hands and built a tool that she and others can use to seek support (but not advice) regarding the situation and overcome it together. ShareWell has raised a $1.3 Million pre-seed round, including investors such as Quiet Capital and others.

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