Promotion of electronic medication books in Japan

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Japan is adopting electronic medication notebooks. Eight pharmacies will support it. 600 customers will provide daily reports. It is a means to make information accessible.

The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare is working on a pilot. They also want to promote the use of electronic medication notebooks. Pharmacies across Japan can make use of it as well. They have many applications and are very easy to use.

The adoption of electronic medication books is not an easy task. It needs the support of 600 customers from 40 pharmacies across the nation. They should record their usage of over-the-counter drugs. Also, they should note down the guidance received from their pharmacists. They should mention how they use the electronic notebook to check their medications.

Eight pharmacy groups have chosen to join this pilot program early on. The period for their involvement is 3 months, from October to December. However, they are Atago Dispensing Pharmacy, Minori Pharmacy, and Welcia Pharmacy, among others. Four companies have come forward to provide electronic medication notebooks. They are harmo, Falmo, MedPeer, and Kusurino Madoguchi.

The ministry aims to distribute electronic medication notebooks all across the country. It wants its people to adopt it. The ministry also wants to show its benefits to the pharmacies and the common people. However, they claim that this method can help reduce medical complications with patients. It also helps to track the usage of medicines among patients.

CMIC Holdings is the owner of harmo pharmacies. They also love the decision to use electronic medication notebooks. It helps pharmacies manage all the information through a central platform. However, it integrates the data with all other health apps as well. The results of this pilot program are also going to be crucial for Japan. The results will help formulate guidelines and rules for their usage.

The ministry is working with consumers, healthcare providers, and pharmacies. They are working on mechanisms that increase access to information from all sides. They are also working to build a system that integrates with all other platforms. Some more programs are coming soon.

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