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Michael Phelp opens about his struggle with mental health/ It was in the Valencia Ballroom in the Orange County Convention Center.

Michael Phelp opens up on the stigma of mental health at a closing keynote at HIMSS22. The gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelp also explains his struggle with anxiety and stress. The swimmer walked onto the stage with a grand applause.

He has won 28 medals, including 23 gold medals. It also holds 39 world records in swimming. Phelps also admitted to struggling with depression and is still dealing with it.

“Do I suffer from depression? Do I suffer from anxiety? “He stated. “Yes, it will not go away tomorrow. My journey and my challenges, the ups and downs, and melancholy, not wanting to be alive – all of these sensations were frightening to me.”

He decided to make his feelings public to heal himself and help others. However, people should find the guts to open up and talk to receive assistance. They also need to communicate and talk things out to get out of the current state. “We can’t do it by ourselves,” he admitted. “We need everyone’s help.”

Phelps’s level of commitment describes the need for enhancement in mental health. The gravity of Phelps’ message was offset by his sense of humor. Phelp also goes on to explain how difficult it is to come out and say. He says one of my favorite things: Fine stands out for stressed out.

He spoke with moderator Lisa Caplan. She is the chief information officer of HIMSS, about the “Pursuit of Dreams.”

Phelps began his quest to become the finest swimmer at an early age. He has also taken part in five Olympic Games. Getting out of bed on certain days was difficult for him too.

Phelps launched the Michael Phelps Foundation in 2008. It also holds a $1 million incentive from an old sponsor. He began with the intention of instilling the value of water safety.

IM, the Foundation’s main program, is a learn-to-swim, healthy living, and goal-setting. However, the curriculum is available through the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. And it also features Special Olympics International.

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