Mental health concern among cybersecurity officials

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The Mental Health of cybersecurity officials is in a negative direction. They are experiencing more burnout nowadays. The number of attacks is also rising.

The 2nd of November is often celebrated as National Stress Awareness Day. We often tend to see people talking about mental health issues on this day. They describe their experience and try to find solutions. But no one ever thinks of the mental health of cybersecurity officials. They often go neglected in society.

Cybersecurity organizations face a lot of pressure. The pressure is relatively high at this point, owing to the attacks. This means that cybersecurity officials are facing burnout and high-stress levels. Cybermindz is a mental health support firm. It is from Australia. Their study points out many dangerous trends in these organizations.

The firm compared the burnout rates of cybersecurity officials to the general population. They scored very low in this parameter. Then, the firm surveyed them against the healthcare workers. They scored even less than the healthcare workers. However, it is a well-known fact that healthcare workers suffer the most.

The draining mental health of cybersecurity workers is a big problem. They also protect most of the common man’s services. The long-term effect of this collective burnout can be detrimental to human society. It is because, nowadays, everything is online and hackable.

Many factors can increase stress in a cybersecurity official. The official’s career can end with just one successful attack. This gives them nightmares. A massive volume of data can get lost if a breach happens and it is successful. The impact is worldwide.

Cybersecurity officials don’t get a sense of completing their job. One job completed means another one starts. That in itself is a big issue. In these times, the attacks are rising like anything. One minor attack can also wreak havoc on the minds of the officials. Mental health goes for a toss.

Many officials are searching for an answer to their outlet. But they are unable to get it. So, they are planning to resign. However, this is more dangerous as it increases stress for those left behind. Mental health deterioration is a serious thing. We must acknowledge it.

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