Latest digital health project will improve decision-making in Australian hospitals

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It will work on utilizing Alcidion's Miya precision platform for the identification of the priority area where the decision support tools can offer better value.

The Digital Health Cooperative Research center has recently set up A$1.5 million digital health project. It will help to evaluate and further improve the clinical decision supporting tools across the various hospitals in Australia.
The project is a three-year collaboration, including Sydney Local Health District eHealth NSW, NSW Health. It also includes Murrumbidgee LHD, QUT, University of Sydney, and Alcidion.
The clinical staff is facing challenges with decision-making when it comes to treating the patients during the pandemic. Melissa Baysari, the associate professor at the University of Sydney, noted that the decision support systems are getting poorly taken up or working around.
Thus it is important to improve the fit for the decision supporting technologies and the people who are using those.
The research team further emphasizes the importance of the project. In 2019, the lapse in the safety of patients costs A$4.1billion. It further contributes to 8.9% of the total activity and the expenditure of the hospital.
This project will further make up Alcidion’s Miya Precision system. It will help to identify the priority area where the tolls will add better value. The platform consolidates data from a variety of systems such as EMRs. It will be useful through Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the Wagga Base Hospital.
The outcome will identify and allow it to create a direct impact on the patient’s care. Last week Alcidion announced a contract with the Sydney LHD for the use of its system. It helped in remotely monitoring the patient’s condition with acute diverticulitis. The platform is also supported for the virtual care delivery of RPA Virtual Hospital for Covid patients in home isolation.
In July, the agency put up its project, which will deliver real-time patient data through a dashboard. The dashboard project will use the data from Eastern Health’s EMRs and the Victorian Health Incident Management System.


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