Vendors team up for interoperability in Michigan

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MiHIN is a health information exchange. It is partnering with various firms to help with interoperability. This can help patients in an emergency.

Michigan Health Information Network is a non-profit health information exchange. However, it operates all across Michigan. MiHIN hosted this new partnership. This collaborative community is an initiative for referral data to flow between platforms. They are also targeting interoperability.

There are vendors in Michigan that serve many healthcare and social organizations. Most of them are also in Michigan. The vendors are also trying to develop a system of strategic data governance. This will allow them to make a trusted mechanism. However, the mechanism will have enough support to guard against threats. It can also improve interoperability between platforms.

The Community of Practice collaboration wants to erase information silos. However, as mentioned earlier, it aims to create a path for referral data to flow between platforms. This is the first step to supporting community sharing among various systems. This will, in turn, allow the healthcare systems to have greater interoperability.

The firms will also solve data flow problems in organizations that target technical feasibility. Many organizations joined together to merge with the CoP collaboration. Some of them are Care Advisors, Findhelp, and PCE Systems. Riverstar, Unite Us, and WellSky is some of the organizations that joined with CoP. They will help with data aggregation.

The pledge from the partnership suggests a massive information advantage for the firms. They will also give the hospitals a huge context on the patients of emergency departments. This means that interoperability is going to be on the next level. The point of care for these patients will be very smooth and stress-free.

However, the use of interoperability crops in when a patient ends up in the emergency ward. If the doctors have the patient’s records beforehand, they make a quicker diagnosis. The efforts to provide first-aid and other medical procedures become focussed. This was also highly applicable to covid patients. Correct-directed investment in healthcare is the way to move forward. This move is the first step in the correct direction.

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