Financial pressure on hospitals is not coming down in 2023

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It is essential to focus on controllable things. The hospitals’ financial problems during the pandemic are not getting down soon. Healthcare executives must move forward.

The pandemic led to several turmoils in the hospitals. It has exposed all the stresses in the supply chain. The problem related to the establishment of safety net issues and staffing. This talk came from Martin McGahan, the Managing Director.

To cut down all the expenses, the hospitals need to rethink their strategies. They will also need to consider people while making changes or alterations. The CFOs and CEOs must determine the ways to balance the services against the resources. The worst part is that all these resources are dwindling.

The interest rates are very high. And these high rates are making things very difficult to access capital. It is also necessary to reimagine the capital budget. Rolling it over from 1 year to the upcoming year will not do anything well.

The CFOs must make sure that the capital plan they have is not more than 3 months old. The good news is that federal funding has stopped heading into the post-pandemic era. However, several stressors, like inflation and high labor costs, remain the same. Each of the strategic plans is a balancing act.

Surgical volumes and procedures are not going to stay as same as the pre-pandemic levels. Long trends include care outside of the hospitals.

The hospitals need to look at the indirect trend for cutting expenses. However, businesses need to look for supply chain alternation. Also, there is a requirement for a battle plan for ending the continuous coverage of Medicaid. According to reports, the suffering margins are the real threat to the credit rankings. This is impacting nonprofit hospitals.

The hospitals are having a tough time. However, one thing is sure it will not stay forever. Tables will also turn soon with the improvement in the economic conditions.

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