Unlocking the Potential of Digital Front Door in Healthcare: Insights & Strategies with Neeraj Methi

In this segment of Healthtech icons, Neeraj Methi, VP of Solutions of BeyondID, provides valuable insights on the future of Digital Front Door (DFD), the current realities, important use cases, and the capabilities required to create an ideal secure frictionless patient journey. He also shares practical tips on how to embark on a DFD journey and where to start.

About Neeraj Methi

Neeraj Methi has over 22 years of experience in technology as a pre-sales leader creating and building high-performing teams. As VP of Solutions, Neeraj is charged with leading architects, developing innovating solutions, scaling the organization to grow revenue and making customers raving fans of BeyondiD. Prior to joining BeyondID, Neeraj served in leadership roles at Okta, OutSystems and CA Technologies. Neeraj has strong technical skills and a diverse background in IT management, providing unique perspectives on enabling and executing playbooks, while ensuring cohesive and successful relationships with sales, customers and product teams. He has extensive experience and expertise in the domain of Identity and Access Management, App Development Platforms, Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, App Modernization and Digital Transformation. Neeraj earned a MS in Computer Science from Drexel University and Bachelor’s In Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology.

About BeyondID

BeyondID is a Managed Identity Services Provider that helps companies in every industry protect and grow their business. We have a passion and reputation for solving customers’ toughest identity challenges, in order to help them increase revenue, reduce cost, and improve their customers’ experience.

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