Revolutionizing Perioperative Care: How Surgery Hero’s Technology is Transforming Surgical Outcomes

In this segment of Healthtech icons, Chloe Pulo, BDM at Surgery Hero, discusses the current state of the prehabilitation space and the importance of prehabilitation and perioperative care. She also talks about Surgery Hero’s offering, which is unique in that it provides a tailored program designed to support patients and healthcare systems during the perioperative period.

About Chloe Pulo

Chloe Pulo, BSc. Chloe is the Business Development Manager for Surgery Hero. She has six years of commercial experience in medical device sales, including consumables, capital, and software as a solution. Chloe supports the introduction of Surgery Hero to businesses and healthcare systems to ensure surgery outcomes are improved for patients resulting in; a quicker return to work reduced postoperative complications, reduced work absenteeism, and healthier populations.

About Surgery Hero

Surgery Hero is a digital health clinic for anyone undergoing surgery. We combine digital technology with 1:1 human care to ensure patients are offered personalized care plans to support their perioperative journey. Our program includes 1:1 human health coaching, surgery-specific audio-visual content, personalized programs, health metrics data, and surgery-specific peer support groups.

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