Pioneering Patient-Centric Healthcare: Clearstep’s AI-Driven Transformation of Care Management

In this segment of Healthtech icons, Bilal Naved, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder at Clearstep, discusses access, care routing, and outpatient capacity management issues in the US healthcare system. He also shares his insights on how technology and innovation can improve patient care and experience. Bilal talks about Clearstep’s success stories and how it’s partnering with health systems to optimize outpatient capacity management.

About Bilal Naved

Bilal is Clearstep’s product leader and head of clinical intelligence. Under his leadership, Clearstep excels in every prospect’s clinical review. As a result, Clearstep has secured partnerships with leading national healthcare institutions, been featured in Built In Chicago’s 50 Startups to Watch, and was an inaugural member of the UnitedHealthcare accelerator. Bilal was named to Forbes Next 1000 and Crain’s Chicago 20 Businessmen in Their 20’s. Before Clearstep, Bilal spent a decade publishing in biomedical engineering through institutions like the NIH, UMD, Johns Hopkins, and Northwestern. He is part of Northwestern’s MD/PhD program.

About Clearstep

Clearstep’s clinically validated AI virtual healthcare assistant guides patient-consumers through the complexities of managing their health and care. Clearstep partners with health systems, hospitals, medical groups, retail pharmacies, population health organizations, and payers to activate its technology on their websites, mobile apps, and patient portals. Clearstep provides a consumer-centric experience that empowers patients to better manage their end-to-end healthcare journeys. Clearstep reduces administrative burdens for care teams by automating symptom checks, triage, common patient services, remote patient monitoring, and clinical workflows- ultimately improving efficiencies, experiences, and outcomes. Clearstep is the only AI chat-based solution derived from Dr. Barton Schmitt’s gold-standard telephone triage protocols, used in nearly all nurse call centers nationwide and validated in more than 200 million nurse line encounters. Clearstep’s triage is fast, asking ~10 fewer questions than the competition, and its accuracy exceeds 95% compared to the judgment of ER doctors. Clearstep is the market leader in digital self-triage with the country’s largest integrated delivery network deployments, including HCA Healthcare, Novant Health, Tufts Medicine, CVS Health, and other systems in 15+ states covering the regions of 100+ hospitals.

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