Exploring the Potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

In this segment of Healthtech icons, Brian Radley, COO at Strategic AI Labs, discusses the hottest categories within AI and machine learning, highlighting the healthcare sector’s most incredible opportunities. Radley also outlines how Strategic AI Labs helps, focusing on building AI solutions

About Brian Radley

Brian Radley is the Chief Operating Officer at Strategic AI Labs; he has held various financial and operational roles at startup technology companies, including CloudLock (acquired by Cisco), Axeda (acquired by PTC), and Network Intelligence (acquired by EMC). Brian holds an MBA from Babson College and a BS in Accountancy from Bentley University.

About Strategic AI Labs

Strategic AI Labs provides purpose-built AI/ML developer tools to enable companies to incorporate advanced AI and machine learning capabilities into their solutions with their existing development teams. Our solutions have been used to build over 150 successful AI solutions for 50+ companies across various industries.

About HealthTech Icons from NextDigitalHealth:

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