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Telemedicine is very famous among Koreans. The rural areas are dependent on it. Hankook Research surveyed telemedicine.

Telemedicine is the most preferred option among Koreans. South Koreans in rural areas are more inclined to choose telemedicine in the future. This result came in from a survey report. Korea Health Industry Development Institute funded this survey. This institute is within the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Hankook Research carried out the survey online. The survey happened in September. Almost 1700 people participated in this survey. All of them were 19 or above. The survey analyzed the knowledge of telemedicine among the people who participated. However, the survey also gained information about the medium, satisfaction, and other parameters.

The survey showed that the participants have a good idea about telemedicine. Eight in ten participants had a rough idea about telemedicine in the country. But on the same page, other participants had no idea about telemedicine. Seventy percent got a phone or video consultation. Eighty-eight percent got online counseling and treatment.

The survey also asked for a reason why they chose telemedicine. The participants said that it was solely because of convenience. Some people also said that covid-19 isolation protocols prompted them to use telemedicine. A very important inference also came out from the survey. Thirteen percent of the people had some difficulty explaining their symptoms. Most of them had chronic conditions.

Six in ten participants feel satisfied with telemedicine as an option for healthcare. Eighty-eight percent of people may opt for telemedicine in the future. The survey also brought out a major disparity in healthcare. People living in rural areas have less access to healthcare. They are more prone to using telemedicine as a foolproof way to help themselves.

The participants also want more home services. They can also search for information and live a healthy lifestyle by themselves. Females can search for information. While males can determine the validity of that information. But this is a special case, and it should not become a general opinion.