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Children’s Mercy, a pediatric health system, is enhancing outcomes and cutting costs on healthcare. It is happening across a wide rural landscape, and telemedicine is the best possible solution.

Children’s Mercy supports the children of Missouri and Kansas. The people of the region face the challenge of accessing pediatric specialty healthcare. However, telemedicine is the solution.

There is a high demand for pediatric specialty providers. Several families are also facing problems associated with transportation. Complicated healthcare requirements are not on point. For all these evolving problems, telemedicine is the ideal solution.

Telemedicine can enhance specialist access, affordability, and top-quality care. Children’s Mercy started identifying tech options for helping treat people across Kansas.

In 2011, Children’s Mercy considered InTouch as it offered the best platform for telemedicine. It supported regional outreach clinics. It also focused on patients, reliability, and quality.

However, it worked well a decade ago. And Children’s Mercy needed something extra to meet its challenges. It needed something that would allow the providers to listen to heartbeats from miles away. Also, it wanted a way that doctors could examine the patient’s body parts from a distance.

At present, telemedicine-based clinics are there. One in Kansas and two in Missouri. The facilities are the same as traditional healthcare clinics.

Telemedicine enhances access to the best subspecialists. There is no need for the experts to drive or fly for hours to see patients in rural localities. Telemedicine will also allow them to watch their patients from afar.

Also, there is a drastic increase in subspecialty encounters through telemedicine. And Children’s Mercy is continuing to serve their patients. It is serving in Kansas, Missouri, and the surrounding region. It is also maintaining its commitment to regional outreach and telemedicine.

Telemedicine also cuts off the financial burden on families. It eliminates traveling costs. Also, it eliminates the costs associated with childcare, lodging, food, and care.

Children’s Mercy is switching to telemedicine appointments by possessing a centralized department.