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The Geisinger prolific health system is going to expand its telehealth facility. 8% of outpatients’ visits are now shifted to virtual healthcare.

Geisinger serves the state of New Jersey and surrounding areas. It now seems to expand its reach in telemedicine. With over 75% or we can say 33,394 miles of Pennsylvania being part of rural area, we can expect the rugged mountain to large stretches.

Geisinger and a High-profile health system offer affiliated entities of over 45 counties. It also covers almost central and northeastern regions.

By offering specialty telemedicine for the community, Gelsinger is breaking down all geographical norms. The specialist and sub-specialist will now be available one click away. Civilians in the area faced a lot of trouble, and it was highly time-consuming.

The rural resident may find this expansion a life-changing decision. As per some surveys, the degree of quality of care in the regions of Rural Pennsylvania is very low. As a result, they have higher rates of obesity and risk of chronic disease. It is also mostly due to the sedentary lifestyle.

Tejal A. Raichura is the director of the center for telehealth at Gelsinger. She said, “Rural residents are in poorer physical condition, have more health risks, and are more likely to lack health insurance, she added. In addition, the wage gap between urban and rural Pennsylvanians is getting wider. It has doubled in the last 30 years. Improving the quality of healthcare while lowering costs and increasing access in rural Pennsylvania counties is challenging.”

The expansion of health care in telemedicine will wonderfully change the lifestyle of the citizens. It will bring various elements into the picture. We are talking of virtual care and video visits to the home. There will also be a tele-stroke visit at the inpatient units. The emergency rooms and video visits will also facilitate skilled nursing facilities and correctional facilities.

The business plan offering the telemedicine program is going to be amazing as well. The program will be able to deliver specialist services. It will also include neurology, pediatrics, stroke/intensive care, psychiatry, endocrinology, and podiatry.