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Telemedicine was an idea before covid. Big health institutes and facilities like Franciscan Health tested the telemedicine program. But the response was very poor.

The general public seemed to be in harmony with the old system and was rejecting the telemedicine modal.

According to Craig Miller, administrative director of ambulatory services at Franciscan Alliance, covid changed everything. Some specialists were suggesting the telemedicine model. In February 2020, the pilot mode for urgent cases was already under testing.

The news of covid-19 in March 2020 began a new era for telemedicine. The preparation for the telemedicine model came in handy during the beginning of the pandemic. People started using Franciscan Health online portals and services to take at-home treatments.

The covid pandemic repeatedly grew telemedicine services and made it the new normal, says Miler. Now, after the pandemic, the system is still active, and patients prefer it more.

Franciscan Health online visitors are now moved to several of their consulting physician practitioners. However, the practitioners are now providing online consultation as a part of treatment. The system has also held us from attending patients even after the post-pandemic recruitment problems, says Miler.

With the help of Teladoc Health, Franciscan Health has now integrated its systems into the hospital’s online portal. The patients can also book their virtual apportionments to get therapies and online consultations.

The telemedicine system allows them to attend urgent care, occupational health, company clinic, and travel medicine patients through virtual visits. Franciscan Health is now providing its staff with the necessary training and technology to opt for the telemedicine model.

According to Miler, the model is cost-efficient, hygienically safe, and provides necessary help seamlessly. Franciscan Health has conducted more than 540,000 virtual visits since March 2020, with more than 8,500 visits weekly.

Every day 500 patients or more enroll in COVID remote patient monitoring. Franciscan Health has seen some phenomenal resits and sets up a course for telemedicine health services.