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Happy Kids was facing losses due to the pandemic. Telemedicine came to their rescue. Their partnership with Equality Health gave them the necessary technology and services.

Happy Kids is a six-clinic pediatric practice. It is from Pheonix in Arizona. The practice also faced one of its biggest challenges yet due to the pandemic. The pandemic resulted in a drastic decrease in the practice’s business. At the worst point, the patient volume rate dropped by 40 percent. But telemedicine became the angel for the business at its lowest point.

The staff was always ready to see the patients. But patients were too frightened to come to the clinic to get care. The patients lost touch with necessary healthcare. Telemedicine also helped the practice come out of the loss. Telemedicine saved jobs as well. However, it gave them time to focus on other areas as well.

Happy Kids partnered up with Equality Health. They give the practice the necessary technology and services they need. The main benefit is from telemedicine technology. Telemedicine can get accessed from any device. It also saves time and money.

The marketplace surrounding healthcare businesses is booming nowadays. Telemedicine technology has the most number of vendors in the market now. The Health IT market is competing for technology. We should make sure that the competition is healthy among the firms.

Happy Kids uses a HIPAA-compliant Zoom. The services given by Equality Health come on top of that. The whole system also has a connection to Electronic health records. A smartphone or a tablet is all you need to access the service.

Medical assistants are available in advance to make the plan. They collect all the necessary details through a phone call. The patient gets a link when the process gets completed. The link takes them to a virtual waiting room. The provider also listens to their concerns and takes the necessary action.

Telemedicine has changed the game for hospitals and clinics. The patients are also happy with the service. They find it convenient and saves time. The post-care procedures are also taken into account with the help of telemedicine.