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Virtual reality tools can help medical combatants in their training. The tool provides unique virtual challenges. The combat medics can train through these tools.

New software aims to train medics in Australia. The medics are in the combat domain. The software uses virtual reality. The Department of Defense is also helping with the new software. Virtual reality also has many applications in various fields.

Real Response is a first responder training company. This company developed this tool and program. The name of the program is VTC3. It stands for Virtual Tactical Combat Care. It also provides medics with different types of training experiences.

The experiences help medics expose themselves to different types of challenges. It trains them to operate in combat, humanitarian, or routine medical conditions. The program also comes with a Garmin smartwatch. It gathers live biometric data. The virtual situation changes as per the data.

The data and the VR results are useful. They help during the debriefing sessions of the medics. Defense Innovation Hub backs this program. The hub invests in many unique technologies. These technologies also help the Australian defense industry to prosper.

Real response provides many projects. This module is one of them. Other projects deal with more critical medical situations. MedEvac VR simulator is one of the projects that it offers. Many specialized medics also use this tool to train.

VTC3 is a multipurpose tool. The tool also helps elevate the training in the tactical combat medical field. It is capable of giving care during a fire, evacuation, and on the field. A media release disclosed this information. Other state agencies, such as hospitals and fire departments, can use this tool as well. The virtual reality tool is perfect for such use cases.

Australia continues to make conscious efforts to put in place digital healthcare. The Australian Defense Force gave away $222 million. It was for the implementation of digital health systems. A consortium also plans to deliver many medical tools by 2028. So the healthcare and medical field look very promising in Australia.