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Andrew Lovewell, the administrator, said during the pandemic, patients were not ready to go for therapies. So, the center wants to create a safe environment for patients.

The Surgical Center at Columbia Orthopedic Group wants their patients to have better connectivity with their care teams for better treatment. Also, the center wants its platform to provide a solution that will provide everything in one place to their patients.

They want to gain patients’ insights like how they are recovering at home and want to enrich patients’ experience throughout the journey. The ambulatory surgery center to team up with health IT vendor Force Therapeutics. This virtual care platform will also give the patient all kinds of feedback required of them. And they will provide the required details of the patient.

Through this virtual care, the platform patient’s care team gets alert when needed and asks clinicians to check the patient and all other concerns. This platform strengthens the patient-physician relationship. The patient can also trust this platform as all the information will be clinically validated.

Through this Force Therapeutics care management platform, patients, before their surgery, can prepare themselves and their homes for better recovery.

After surgery, Demographic data is imported from Emme into the Force platform to inform care path personalization, Lovewell said. Also, the patient can check their progress as well as can take all other kinds of help they need in their progress through this platform.

The virtual care platform releases monthly reports of each surgeon. The reports carry surgeons’ key performance indicators to their colleagues’ KPIs and Force data. Through these monthly and data analytics reports, they make continuous improvements.

The number of patients at the surgical center is increasing. Every month, they do 120 joint procedures and 40 spine cases. This digital care management has also reduced manual intervention points. Doctors spend their time strategically, and the platform will change its protocol if needed. Lovewell said that the platform wants a solution that will provide everything in one place.