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Memora Health and Mayo Clinic are partnering together. They aim to help with virtual postpartum care. Their program is AI-based and simplifies the process.

Mayo Clinic is one of the most famous in the world. Mayo has a very good online presence as well. However, Mayo is working on a new research program that deals with virtual postpartum care. The clinic manages both the Minnesota health system and Memora Health. The online presence of Mayo can help deliver the benefits of the program quickly.

Memora Health specializes in virtual care delivery and complex care management. They are researching whether maternal care teams can work out virtual postpartum care. This helps in the reduction of the burden on the health system due to more offline visits. AI messaging tools help the company to streamline various processes.

A digitized workflow system can help reduce the complexity involved in a health firm. The AI messaging tool also helps with more accessible communication. They also ensure electronic health records get integrated with the system. All other administrative workflows also settle in on their own.

The expertise should help to manage symptoms reported by the patients. The goal is to communicate the concerns of a patient to the desired care member. All unnecessary communication gets done online with the help of AI-based tools. Frequently asked questions and natural language processing can also help.

Memora Health has many AI-based care programs that cater to patients. They offer patients anticipatory communication. Patients can then freely navigate their care journeys. This is also a big benefit of virtual postpartum care. It makes patients more proactive.

Memora Health has worked a lot on text messaging and its applications. Memora says that 98 percent of people use it daily. Some use it even more frequently. Thus, home-based virtual programs can help patients a lot. This is also important to increase access among postpartum patients.

Manav Sevak is the CEO of Memora Health. He said that their care teams are reimagining new ways to provide care to people. Also, he said that they plan to give care on every level. He said that Memora is happy to collaborate with Mayo Clinic.