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45 elected representatives in the United States demands the extension for funding. The funding concerns the short-term extension of medicare services.

Many Senators and state representatives are calling out for telehealth coverage. Sens. Brain Schatz, Roger Wicker, R-Mississippi, and the bipartisan group of 45 elected officials. They are urging the congressional leadership to safeguard medicare.

With pandemics, telehealth was a great help. Also, the government should expand telehealth coverage via February government funding legislation. It is a critical tool and assists the health care provider in diagnosis.

The telehealth plan has to renew every three-month. It is tied to the public health emergency. However, the legislators want to look for a more permanent option. They want the government to form permanent telehealth law.

While the laws are interim, they want “much-needed certainty” to providers and patients. They are asking for a short-term extension of the kind letter signers.

The letter put across the demand in certain ways “Without more definitive knowledge about the duration of the pandemic and Medicare’s long-term coverage of telehealth, many organizations have been hesitant to fully invest in telehealth.”

The extension will remove all kinds of barriers to healthcare. It will also bring more assurance for future emergencies.

The legislators also pointed to other benefits of telehealth coverage. This will serve as a great opportunity to collect data on the uses and impact of virtual care. The collected data will help congress understand the urgency of telehealth. It will also open gates for program integrity and protection.

Another factor to note is the statutory barriers. The extension can apply evenly over the counties. The data collection and analysis period will also clear the picture.

The congress member is making efforts for telehealth flexibilities. The CONNECT for health act is one such attempt. The Telehealth Modernization Act is also a step forward to Covid-19 telehealth flexibilities.

Telehealth is emerging as an essential part of the health system. Congress extended telehealth coverage during the covid-19 pandemic in February. It is necessary and will also help the ease of care for the patient and providers.