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Mr. Biden said that the pandemic is over. This can affect the telehealth policy. Congress and other agencies are deciding what to do.

The American Telehealth Association continues to discuss the fate of telehealth policy. Congress and other federal agencies are weighing in a lot of factors. The pandemic accelerated the growth of the telehealth policy. The pandemic has also taken and given a lot of things.

Recently, Biden declared that the pandemic is over. This has made the agencies question the telehealth policy. They want to decide whether they can lift the emergency or not. They can also review the telehealth policy and emergency details by mid-October.

With the help of public health emergencies, the rural population received huge benefits. These benefits are still in place. But they can go away on their own if Congress pro-actively doesn’t do anything. There can also be many approaches to this problem.

The states differ in their approach to telehealth policy. Both the public and private players use telehealth policies differently. There are many priorities for both the private and public players as well. Reimbursement is also a major factor for these players.

The association continues to work on a common framework for telehealth policy. The framework should be such that it can be commonly used in different states. Also, it should have flexibility and efficiency for different models of states. The ATA opts for neutral policies as well.

The Drug Enforcement Agency of the USA and Congress are working together. They also wish to regulate the selling and prescribing of controlled substances. The problem of drug and opioid abuse is commonplace. By regulating it online, they can regulate it in the field.

Congress gave the right to wave restrictions for the development of telehealth policy. It took place under the umbrella of the CARES Act. This made telehealth policy a tool of vital significance. Many people got their care in the comfort of their homes.

Some high officials commented on the telehealth policy. Some say that there is an urgency to act. They also that the policies can become permanent. They are important for the general public.